Froth Au Lait?!

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Alternative Frothers

Our favorite milk foamer/frother is made by a company called Froth Au Lait. Unlike most other automatic frothers that use a small whipping disc, the Froth Au Lait has two large spindles hat really work well. Both quality and volume of foam has been better than other frothers that we have tried.

Our frother recently broke and we tried contacting the company for support or or to buy a new one and just reached the infamous “sorry, this number has been disconnected or is no longer in service.”

Most of their products have been pulled of of Amazon as well. We’ve been in touch with a few other vendors who sell their product and they too are unable to reach the company. Their website is still up, but I fear that the company is not longer around.

Has anyone heard anything about this?

Froth Au Lait



  1. Judith Auerbach

    I have had a froth-au-lait for years and adore it. I had spoken to the woman who was the head of the company (her late husband had been an engineer in Louisville,Ky, where I live and had invented it). At one time she had suggested my using Rinza to clean the milk protein from the bottom so when I saw the acid version of Rinza I tried to contact the company to see which was preferable and got the same recording you did. At that point, the website was still up but when I tried to get to the website today, it was down. I’m really devastated. I tried to find some kind of newspaper article about the company but came up empty. Have you heard anything since your last posting? I hope my Froth-au-Lait never “dies” or I’ll be lost without it. It’s sgtrange because they only recently came up with a mini version.

  2. ste (Author)

    @ Judith

    Thank you for writing. I have not heard anything new either. We’ve been trying to contact the company for the last 4 months with no luck. We also talked to a few other vendors (Amazon, etc.) who said that they also can’t get in contact with them. We were lucky enough to purchase two Froth Au Lait minis, but one has already broken in two places (power button and blade/frother) after just one month of use. The power button is stuck in the always on position, so we can still technically froth with it. But I wonder if they just had too many quality control issues with the minis.

    Hopefully the company will rebound or their wonderful technology (from Louisville) will be incorporated into a similar machine. Maybe they can license it out or something.

    If you hear anything, please let me know as well. Thank you again.

  3. Shearly

    Please, if anyone hears anything, let me know !

  4. ellie

    This web page states that as of 4/13 – Froth Au Lait, Inc (which has been closed since 12/12) is undergoing “reorganization”.
    I hope they get back in business soon!

  5. Richie

    Froth au lait has ceased operations :(

  6. coprogressive

    Sadly, it seems froth au lait, inc must be out of business, as the BBB website shows their physical location as “closed” and the phone number is disconnected (and website taken down). They still have a NON-active twitter feed, but I fear something personal must have happened, as I believe it was a small family business.

    If anyone has more information, I too hope you will post. I periodically search, thinking a SOCAL business journal or blog will comment on what might have happened. It seemed the business had finally taken off after many years struggling— with lots of distributors, including Amazon, Kohls, and others. Having had personal service rendered by the then owner/manager a few years back, I really am saddened by this turn of events.

  7. Jacquelyn Hanser

    Does anyone know where the FROTHERS can be repaired as the company is no longer in business???

  8. Xavier Demerian

    Unfortunately as of 01/13/2014 the company is closed. However, the Breville Milk Café is a worthy contender it uses induction heating (making stainless steel cup dishwasher easy to clean) and appears to be as well made as the Froth Au Lait. The Froth Au Lait though made mountains of high quality froth.

  9. Chris

    I know the owner and all I can say is that they are not really able to work or repair any of the frothers at this time. My whole business runs on these things and I can tell you I was shocked as well but for personal reasons which I cannot discuss at this time they are not technically in business. If I can be of any help please give me a call.

  10. ellie

    I just saw a FrothauLait on Amazon for $600. (Not a new one.) Does anyone have any information as to whether or not the company is going to get back in business?

  11. mark

    Wolfgang Puck Bistro Collection has a Saucier that is the Froth Au Lait Froth and Sauce with a third paddle. Still might be available.

  12. Howard Heller

    My company has been manufacturing super-automatic specialty coffee machines (commercial) for 20 years. I was fortunate to meet the owners several years ago as I wanted to include their Frother as an option to those customers who wanted “exceptional” foam on their cappuccinos. I believe when the “inventor” passed away (I just learned), there was no reason for his widow to keep it running as she was the sales and marketing person as well as administrator.

    Super nice and ethical people.

    I am truly saddened that he is no longer among us.

  13. Carolyn

    My industrial machine just broke a few days ago after probably five years or so. What is the best replacement for this machine? I agree none of the ones I’ve seen make fluffy from that fully fills the picture and expands like the froth au lait.


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