Under Armour Shadow Cap

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Under Armour Coldblack hat

I’m not an avid hat-wearer. But as I get older and the sun gets brighter, wearing a hat has become quite commonplace for me. I’m not fan of the trendy wide brimmed stiff hats, trucker hats, etc. that are popular these days. To me those look less like wearing a hat and more like a caricature of wearing a hat. I prefer the simple curved baseball cap style. Normally I’d get a Nike or Adidas cap with a small, muted logo. I’m not a fan of a tight band around my head so I’d usually go with something adjustable.

Under Armour Shadow Cap

I recently received this hat as a gift to replace an aging Adidas hat that had turned from a stylish black into a faded dirty brown color due to the brown -> black die fading with use.

First impressions

I put the Under Armour Shadow Cap on and immediately noticed how “light” it felt. Not just weight, but also the tightness. While I normally wear adjustable hats, the issue still is that you had to make it tight enough to not blow off in the wind but not too tight as to give me a headache after an hour or so of wear. The Shadow Cap feels very secure and does not have that tightness.

The material on the top of the hat has a softer, silkier (though not shiny) feel to it instead of the usual stiffness of a normal cap. I think this helps the hat fit securely but you feel much less of a squeeze. Maybe somewhat more like the difference between wearing soft leather gloves vs. canvas work gloves.

Overall Look

When wearing this hat it looks pretty much like a baseball cap with a slightly more fitted look. While there are several designs and colors, I really like the black with the small muted grey Under Armour logo. On the brim there is a small unobtrusive imprint ColdBlack.

Pictures online tend to make the top of the hat look rather big; however, this is likely due to a piece of cardboard put in to help “display” the hat and keep it’s shape. One you remove this temporary cardboard, you can see that the structure of the top part of the hat is rather minimal. The brim is sturdy as any other cap.


I definitely recommend this hat.

Feature Rating
Comfort StarStarStarStarStar
Style StarStarStarStarStar
Cost $20-25



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